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We are De La Soul

A beautifully refurbished little bandstand in the middle of Kelvingrove Park is ready to host one of the most internationally renowned hip-hop acts of the last thirty years. De La Soul. Young and not so young, turning out to celebrate their first Scottish gig in twenty-seven years.

Gates open, and it's the smoky scent of summer BBQ and weed that hits. Relaxed revellers line up at the food trucks for the festival staple of slow-cooked rotisserie pork and mouth-watering homemade burgers. The pop-up bars provide the beers and cocktails, all served in the requisite malleable tumblers. In the central area, a myriad of stone seating circles the stage. An age-old design that still illuminates the acoustics for this current gathering. A bird's eye view and a sonic sweet spot, no matter where you choose.

The sense of excitement surrounding the amphitheatre is palpable. Vibrating speakers send the low growl of the bass through your body with laser-like accuracy. On stage Stanley Odd, the home-grown warm-up act is taking the temperature of a post-referendum Scotland. The witty lyrics and subtle melody of '"It's all gone to fuck," resonates with the crowd.

Before long, it's time for the main event. Maseo takes to the decks, ordering everyone to their feet. The b-boy gets the cheering crowd in sync, while Posdnuos and Dave bounce on to the stage. Performing tracks from "3 feet high & rising" to their crowd-funded "And the Anonymous Nobody" and everything else in-between, these hip-hop legends have two thousand fans in the palm of their hands. While the love is shown to one and all, it's the middle-aged crew that gets the special shout out. These boys know who their core admirers really are. With the symbolic roof sufficiently blown off, the masters of wordplay finish up in true D.A.I.S.Y style ("da inner sound, y'all") with a crowd busting Me Myself & I. The beats, the rhymes, the rabble. We are one. We are De La Soul.

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