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Deliveroo! Where are You?

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It's 7pm on a Saturday and you're a feeling more like Gary Busey than Gisele, but you are in the mood for some fine dining. As you contemplate begging your favourite taxi company to bring some nosh, the thought pops into your head; if only someone could bring me food from my favourite restaurant. Then it hits you, Deliveroo has just launched in Perth!

So, what is Deliveroo? Quite simply, it is an app that allows you to order from quality establishments who otherwise may not offer delivery. Perth's latest offering means that Santé, The Venue and The Italian Corner, just to name a few, could be enjoyed from the comfort of your home.

For our first outing (or inning, if that's the equivalent?), Santé was a perfect choice. The wait time given was an hour and forty minutes. No problem. They are a bustling restaurant and we had chosen a prime time when they were probably full of diners. You know, the ones who had managed to peel themselves off the sofa.

The surprise came when the owner contacted us to let us know that our lovingly prepared meal had not been collected. That and it was ready a full forty minutes earlier than the app was stating. Ok, time to check in with Deliveroo. The voice at the end of the line was very apologetic. No driver had been assigned. It would take at least the extra forty minutes flashing from the app for the driver to get to us. Luckily I was having a dry day, so time to collect myself. Deliveroo customer services agree this is best for all concerned and delivery will be refunded.

Meanwhile, Santé was not prepared to send the original order. The meal was no longer up to their standard. A quick chat with the manager, a fresh meal being prepared, a time for collection and we were back in business! Only now, this made the entire endeavour of using Deliveroo pointless.

After pleading with the significant other that he had to come with me, we were on our way. Yes, I do have a little vanity when it comes to walking into a busy restaurant and I look like a hobo.

Taking a seat at the bar and getting to enjoy a quick vino, the other half waits on the food. No sooner has he sat down; he notices a very flushed young man enter the restaurant at a brisk pace. If the vibrant uniform didn't give it away, the fact that he asks the staff for our order does. The sympathetic staff smile and point, 'That is what he is here to collect.' The slightly bemused young lad can do nothing but check where the next run is for.

Piping hot food collected, we make our way home. As we pull into the drive, an alert pops up on the phone, 'Your food is on the way!' Eh, I know, I am holding it!

What does this all mean for my rating of Deliveroo? Not as low as you might think. Thanks to Santé providing an incredible meal, my hulk factor was not as high as it might have been. Every business has teething problems starting out, and established companies are no exception. I would definitely use it again and I have heard favourable reports from others. Let's hope they smooth things out. I might not be so forgiving next time, especially if it's a wine order from The Venue.

It did, however, bring out my poetic side...

Deliveroo? Deliver no ye didnae!

We placed an order on a busy day,

Prepared to wait, prepared to pay

We watched the clock countin’ down

But received a message that made us frown

The waiter, Jamie, a very good mate

Let us know that you were beyond late

No driver assigned to bring our meal

You never kept up your end of the deal

The food was ruined, they couldnae send

The entire order they had to mend

We had to collect it, in our own wee car

An’ guess who we met at the busy bar?

Your poor young driver lookin’ tired & worn

His wee overworked face fu’ o’ scorn

Deliveroo you need more drivers in Perth

Or this wee city will gie ye a wide berth!

© Copyright 2020 ZOE COOPER
All Rights Reserved.

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